The 500/365 film challenge: An Introduction

Hi. My name’s Kimberley, and I’m a film addict. I’m in love with everything about film: the acting, the cinematography, the writing – everything.

In my last blog post, I set myself some new years resolutions – but what I really wanted to do this year was a fun and entertaining challenge that I could blog weekly about.

Enter The 500/365 Film Challenge.

The challenge is simple: Watch 500 different films in 365 days (by the 31st of December 2018). Each film only counts ONCE, no matter how many times I watch it. The films can be any genre ranging from anywhere between Academy Award Winning Dramas and Cheesy Mid 00s RomComs.

I’ll be writing weekly updates about the challenge, featuring the films that I’ve watched and the daily happenings of my life around them.

This weekend I’ll post a ‘catch up’ of sorts detailing weeks 1 – 4 of the challenge. I’m genuinely so excited to have you read along with me – we can laugh and cry our way through some great and not-so-greats films together!

To keep an eye on my progress, you can head over to to see every film I’ve watched so far in 2018!

What films should I watch for week 5? What are your all time favourites? Let me know!

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