Style Icons: The Women Who Inspire My Personal Style

A few days ago, while re-organizing my wardrobe, I started thinking about what had inspired me to buy each item of clothing. What had inspired my style? Who had inspired my style? It wasn’t long before I ditched the re-organizing (a bit of a bad habit of mine) and headed over to Pinterest to try and figure out exactly where my style came from. My staples of Leather Jackets, Converse Boots, Oversized clothing, Skinny Jeans and Dungarees must have had some root of inspiration?! I started reflecting on the times that I spent as a child devouring the images in fashion magazines and, after pinning an outfit or two (or a hundred), I eventually noticed a trend of which celebrities constantly popped up.

Best of British

I was born in London, and having that sort of high street inspiration as a little girl allowed me to have a good sense of my own style. Whether it was looking in the shop windows on Oxford Street, wandering around Camden Market, or buying some of my all time favourite clothes from Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, London shaped my quintessentially quirky British style from a young age. There are some clothes that I bought from those places age 10 that I still love and wear now!

On the topic of British fashion, it would be sacrilege not to mention Kate Moss. The first person that come to mind when I tried to pinpoint my style inspirations, Kate Moss is the epitome of the edgy British rock inspired style that I adore: Leather Jackets and Skinny Jeans in a dark colour palette, usually topped off with an efortlessly chic t-shirt. Her style is what I wish I could dress like every single day!

Another Brit fashion icon who is one of my top style inspirations is Alexa Chung. Her style is litttttllleeee closer to my own – in fact the image of her outfit in this post is almost identical to my daily fashion. The dungarees. The Converse boots. The leather jacket. I absolutely adore Alexa’s tomboyish and quirky style!

style icons 1

Drawing From Nostalgia

The biggest part of my style inspiration comes from the celebrities that I loved as a kid. During the early 2000s, like every other girl born in the 90s, I was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This obsession is still going strong today, except now, instead of it being all about their straight-to-dvd movies and pre-teen merchandise, it is all. about. the. fashion.  I’ve always identified with Mary-Kate’s style more out of the two – a bit more tomboyish and creative – a bit more ‘out there’. The over-sized-everything look is one that I still unashamedly LOVE.

Another style-icon-since-childhood is Vanessa Hudgens. Almost everything that she wears is to die for! Her laid back, LA-ish fashion is my go-to summer style inspiration every single year. (Note the outfit in the photo below: you’ve gotta love dungarees!)

style icons 2

Okay. One more. I adore EVERYTHING about Emma Stone’s style. She always looks effortlessly cool and put together. Her outfits, both onscreen and off, always give me complete and utter wardrobe envy!

My favourite thing about fashion is that it’s all about creative inspiration and influence, and reflecting on my style inspirations has led me to see the similarities in the styles of all of these women, and in turn realize just how much those styles and colour palettes have influenced me.

Who are your style inspirations? Do we share any? Let me know!

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